Friday, January 11, 2013

Watch Your Words

Protest against inciting speech by a politician:

If we are protesting against the inciting speeches by a politician and waiting to see the judicial action on such irresponsible utterances, it means we are not ready to accept the negative influence of public figures.

Criticism against a religious guru’s statement:

Media and people have equally protested on a religious guru’s statement on Delhi Gangrape victim.

Whether out of political interests or humanitarian, protests are against words said or uttered by public figures.

Looks like the message is ‘Watch your Words’


All those institutions and people who have the privilege of getting the attention of large number of people, have the greatest responsibility of engaging these people positively.

Schools, colleges, universities, moviemakers, television producers, print media, film stars, politicians and leaders, religious heads have lakhs of people giving attention –  everyday !

And to each one of the above-I intend to publish series of posts advising them on….

To start with I would like to ask the heroes of Telugu cinema to…
Watch your words !

I want to caution all the heroes, comedians, heroines, villains and supporting actors in Indian movies, particularly those in Telugu movies- WATCH YOUR WORDS !

For you they may be just words that you are saying for an amount, but the people who are listening to you are catching on to every sound of your words. You might log out of your role once the shooting is over, but your fans stay logged in with those words and actions you show onscreen.

And who are your fans ? From vulnerable school/college students to that daily wage worker in remote areas !

·         You have the largest influence on them and their mindsets.

·         You may be happy that they buy tickets and watch your movies.

·         You may be a puppet in the hands of producer or director.

·         You may be carried away with your fan clubs and worshippers.

·         But you have a responsibility.

·         You might say ,”how am I responsible?”- YOU ARE !

That frustrated rickshaw wallah in the town, that desperate loner in a big city, that daily wage worker, that waiter in the restaurant and that lazy college student are taking refuge         in your dialogues !


These are dialogues from Telugu superstar Mahesh babu’s movies Businessman.
I personally like the intensity in his action. But I was alarmed to hear him conclude the movie with these dialogues-

1.    Meeru adugutunnaru kabatti chepthunnanu, jeevitham anedi oka yuddam, devudu manalni over zone lo padesadu, be alert, protect yourself.

Broadly it means- life is a war, god has thrown us into this war, save yourself !

2.    Life lo oka goal antu pettukondi, kasitho parigethandi, padalanukunte kasi ga padeyyandi, chadavalanukunte kasi ga chadiveyyandi,

Broadly it means- set a goal in life, whether running or singing or studying-do it with …passion- (I am using passion although the actual word sounds like avenge)

3.    Life lo ye goal lenollu matram veelainantha tvaraga chachipondi mee valla maku ye upayogham ledhu.

Broadly it means- if you have no goal, die as soon as you can because we don’t need you and you are of no use to us  

4.    Gurthupettuko…neekante thopu evadu ledikkada

Broadly it means – Remember…there is no one better than you (exact word –thopu- used here might actually infuse arrogance in people than confidence)

5.    neeku edi anipisthe adi chey, evadi mata vinoddu, manishi mata assalu vinoddhu,

            Broadly it means- do whatever you feel like, don’t listen to anybody, don’t ever  

            listen to any man

6.    nee target 10miles aithe aim for the 11th mile.

Broadly speaking- if your target is 10 miles, aim for the 11th mile


Broadly speaking- I don’t want to translate this !


How many people who watch this movie might take the positive meaning of these dialogues ?


Here are a few samples of telugu superstars in movies. Often times, he is made to  sound like a terrorist, a self obsessed  character..who defies everything and anything in the world !


1.      Nenu Narakadam Modalu Pedithe Narakam Bayata kooda Housefull Board Pedathaaru ra. –

            Broadly speaking it means- if I start slaying, there will be a housefull board outside hell !


2.      Naku Nene Poti. Naatho Naake Poti..Natho Evvaru Potiki Raru, Raleru

Broadly speaking, it means- I am my own competition, I compete with myself, no one comes forward to compete with me, no on can compete with me !


3.      Nakkonchem tikkundi..kaani daaniki lekkundi..

Broadly speaking - I have my own eccentricities, and they do have an account !


4.      Nenu Trend follow avvanu…Trend set chesthaa

Broadly speaking, it means- I don’t follow any trend- because I set the trend !


Wah wah hero- you are indeed a He-man, superman, batman, spiderman, and what not !

I know that you are very human at home  and God to your followers !                                
But look what it does to humans !!!!  

·         Little humans who are barely 3 year olds also dole out your dialogues and the whole family claps and hugs them..

·         Supposedly humans in the age between 15 to 40  use your punch lines to show their heroism on vulnerable girls or helpless parents, or passersby.

·         Ofcourse many ‘reality shows’ of humans thrive on your dialogues.




·         India is the world's largest producer of films,

·         We have 10167 single screen theatres in our country

·         2809 single screen theatres in Andhra Pradesh.

·         This means that largest number of people spend a quantitative time in watching movies.

·         It is alarming to read the report that age group between12 to 24 is the largest audience.

·         Approximately 2000 telugu movies and 2500 hindi movies were made since 1990

·         There are some exceptional movies !

·         But the number of exceptional movies is negligible…

·         So what are the Indians watching ?

·         Hindi cinema is watched by almost all the Indians.

·         1 billion people are watching…what ?
About 80 million Telugu speaking people in India and outside watch Telugu movies…
      What are they watching ???
      On an average…

·         60% of the movie- Violence, heroism,sycophancy 

·         30%- love and physical part of love

·         10% -slapstick comedy  


Perhaps I am too sceptical !

I sure hope that these 12 to 24 year olds who are the largest audience of Indian movies..are greatly influenced by                     the ‘great Indian hero image’ –  and become real heroes  !

Real heroes who can help alleviate poverty, generate employment, stop corruption, fight injustice and create a better society .



Devi said...

Great insight..the only way to enlighten people to invite discussion and debate on Media..Television..Mam I call you as a crusader who is really intellectual person who brings ideas to adopt..The Question to all of us here is ....What is it that keeps the India the way it is?..Is it because we are accepting the way it is ..Contemporary India and the problem faced ..We represent a congregation of fools that patronize songs like..Munni Badnam..and sheela ki jawani...and we listen to the crap..that media throws at us..pretty clueless as to what is being promoted ...and pimp the the end gets all the accolades for the movies...done.You are absolutely right Mam..Watch your words..and people who watch it makes these dialogues a habit in a real many of us take it positively only as an a question again.. influencing minds...People watch and make a mockery out of the show...sometime ridiculing and being sarcastic and these are the people who can be part of nuisance/eve-teasing..and when we as educators who can help to create a better society..and expect to bring a change in our system..I remember "we shape our buildings,and afterwards our buildings shape us"..the negative elements leave an impact to influence the human values system and lifestyle..the only message of our opera.."If you build good cinema they will come" Hopefully the society will understand and value freedom.Devi.

jayaprada said...

wheather any one agrees or not thats absolutely right.movies have and had great impact on people.who are the falls creators here dialogue writers or director or people those who are watching and following them.Educational institutions are insisting students for usage of better language but movies are influencing and directing to accept mediocre-city.when movies are influencing people so much it becomes major responsibility of filmy industry that they have to build good movies.if industries are becoming commercial what happend to the people and students, why they are very keen and attracted towards masala dialouges and item songs??? in this context Iam remembering one of Tulasidas poem what I have
learnt in my 10th grade.(jad chetn gun doshmay viswa keen kartaar, santh hansa gun gahahi paya parihari baari vikaar)It means creator brahma created this world with good and bad.Santha, mahatma will take only good out these two like swan takes only milk and leaves water inspite its mixture of both.Hence My request is also same what you have told ma'm.Take good out of every thing.

jayaprada said...

Weather any one agrees or not thats absolutely right!!! Movies have and had huge influence on people. So why can't so called legends cannot make great movies. In the educational institutions we are teaching young generations that speak good language. But the masala dialouges and item songs what they attracted towards.We all mentors feel movie makers have big responsibility in making good movies.Hence they are becoming commercial we need to change our mindset. In this context I am remembering Tulasidas doha what I have learnt in my 10 grade.( jad chetan gun doshmay viswa keenh kartaar, Santh hans gun gahahi pay!! This means creator Brahma created this world with bad and good. Santh , mahatma takes only good like hansa will take milk and leaves water inspite of mixture. Hence I would say along with seetha ma'm one thing that TAKE GOOD OUT OF BAD.

Bindu@Hyderabad said...

I totally agree with you.

Bindu@Hyderabad said...


I totally agree with you.


Katyayini A. said...

Political rhetoric is commonplace now-a-days and most of us choose to ignore it but the press doesn't for its own sake!
Cinema is exaggeration but now-a-days the desire to impact the listener by way of exaggeration has reached such heights that regular description is considered boring and lacking creativity! You are bound to impact the listener more by saying “It cost me a bomb” rather than “It cost me a lot”. The so called punch dialogues satiate the desire of the fans in this way!

Amrutha Datla said...

the post above may seem like a threat to the film industry....but the people out there should realise the threat they are giving to the general audience...
they should clearly and justify the mark they are leaving on the young minds of the country....after all, these yo,ung minds are tomorrow's leaders...
and ofcourse we cant have leaders who say punch dialogues in their addressals...
hats off to you ma'am...wat an insight!!
we are glad to have people like you who can interpret the wrong done to the society which for some reason most people take as a pleasure