Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear Dr Covey

Dear Dr Stephen Covey

From the times of Adam and Eve to 7 billion humans - leaders, reformers, emperors and philosophers contributed their thoughts and actions to improve the way humans live.

Your influence can be seen on millions of people from the 90s. I want you to know the profound influence you had on me.

I know you for the last 12 years.

A family friend gifted your book ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ in year 2000. I read it, re read it and studied it whenever and wherever I could. I still read it.

I have the pleasure of reinventing myself while analyzing the contents of your book- it is an ongoing process. Such is the impact that I record all my musings in my blog coveyhabits.blogspot.com the 7 Habits blog !

 In 2005 I joined as the Principal of a humble school. I had the support to weave the 7 habits as the lifestyle habits into the curriculum. Humbleness transformed into effectiveness- thanks to you.

When you came to Hyderabad in Jan’09, I was the first one to register for the workshop.                      Your magnetic presence and imposing personality were competing with your spellbinding talk.                        
I am not good at maneuvering things for my convenience- for once I did that ! I just convinced the organizers that I have to meet you personally.
I walked behind the stage where you were relaxing during the first tea break. You were the perfect gentleman with a welcoming smile, firm yet warm handshake and generous compliments. I preserve the pictures taken with great regard.

I wrote a piece for the newspaper on my experience and called it – the bald white tiger roars in Hyderabad !
You are actually everywhere in our school Dr Covey- on the Walls, in the Almanacs, Manuals and in the discussions and actions of thousands of young people in the school !

The 7 habits are omnipresent in the ethos of the school.

The 8th habit – ‘find your voice’ has become the theme for the 10th academic year of our school.

When I heard this afternoon that you said goodbye to life, because of residual effects of an accident while riding a bicycle in April – it felt like a deep personal loss.

You have been the most proactive person in making your life meaningful by showing others how they can do it too. Your life should always be celebrated !

Death is only the conclusion of a life. But the effectiveness of a life should be felt by those who live it and by those who are motivated by it. I know that you will rest in peace when people like me celebrate the effectiveness of your life. I shall do that sir !

It is an affectionate custom and loving gesture to bid farewell to those who are leaving us to go to far off places. Giving them mementos for cherishing as fond memories of a beautiful relationship is another loving gesture, we humans developed.

As you are setting sails to explore the universe beyond the planet earth, I have some messages as mementos to bid you farewell and bonvoyage.

You said ....

Be Proactive

I admire the way you have been so proactive to bring the best out of yourself and motivate others to do the same.
To have defined habits that will direct people towards personal and public effectiveness in simple words and doable actions is an evidence of you being proactive.

Put first things first
At a time when personality grooming was all about being superficially perfect, you said that put first things first. Personality is something that comes from within. Its about genuineness and sincerity to oneself. First Personal effectiveness and then public effectiveness !

Begin with an end in mind
If you don’t know where you are going, you may take any road, because it doesn’t matter where you go. Life can be lived within a maze.
But if you know where you want to go , what you want to do, or how much you want to do, life is an execution of your mental blue print. Life can be lived king size-like you did.

Seek first to understand and then to be understood
The most heard wail of a human is ’’no one understands me’ !!! And your simple solution is..try to understand others before struggling to make yourself understood. Often times, when we understand others, we can see the unveiling of a new perspective. Trust me, this habit makes me feel like a magician- thanks to you, I often say abracadabra…and the whole world appears new !

Think Win Win
That giant sized ego in people, which does not allow appreciation or acknowledgement of others’ abilities- goes kaput, with this suggestion of yours ! Think win win..that others can also be right, others can also perform has the most calming effect on me. Living this habit to a large extent, I feel like a saint without an orange garb.

2+2 need not be 4. It can be 22 ! Synergizing means -that collective efforts can be optimized to get extensive results. Oh Dr Covey how I wish you could see the synergy in all my team members !

Sharpen your saw
I am as good as that carpenter in your book. I sharpen my mental saw everyday. I learn from people (of all ages) , places, events, books, life, movies, nature and all its elements ! 


With lots of love and regards


neela said...

I always remember the days I spent reading his book. Immediately I had an interaction with one of my closed friends who attended Dr.Covey's workshop. Later with a magical spell I entered into a humble school where there are echoes of 7 habits and leadership reflecting in all endeavours. I pray god to help his soul to rest in peace.

samskruthy said...

Hats off to you ma'am!!Your enthusiasm and curiosity had led to great results in struggling to bring a change in the personal characters of the students of Silver Oaks.Character-building has always been an important aspect in the lives of digitally native young students in this world.Stephen Covey is one in millions who has made millions discover the real essence of lives and secret of success.We would like to thank you wholeheartedly.


As you said about MS.packletides tiger,that it was a piece of beautiful language construction.I belive what you wrote is also a beautiful piece of language construction.Stephen Covey will always be remembered as a great person.I really loved this when you read it for us the other day.If Dr.covey was alive he would have been pleased to see that he has influenced you and many young minds through you ma'am.It is simply great to see someone so connected with the seven habits.This piece of writing of yours will be one of my favs forever.May Dr.Covey rest in peace,and we will continue to practise the eight habits for as long as we live.


I believe this is a beautiful piece of language construction.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Covey is a True Leader, The real leadership arises when one has the complete influence on the person and is directed by the same.

I salute you for being a constant source of motivation for the fellow people on this planet and you have created many leaders under you and left us a time less legacy for the present generation and the generations to come.

You will stay alive in millions of people thoughts and in their actions. You have given a ray of light to this world.

Devi said...

Dr.Covey is a legend and million of copies were sold across the globe undoubtedly an eminent personality and the ethos we carry is a legacy and remains for ever good character is the moral strength of democracy and this alone can give meaning to life we can relate all the seven habits in every aspects of our life what we talk about in every person character first and competence next If we follow these seven habits I am sure people can be leaders and become good citizen for a country and every generation needs to earn its own freedom and ensure good governance through good people and good laws for the country so how character building plays a vital role Dr.covey set an example for millions.
We take you as a role model mam..in enlightenment thousands of students every year kudos to you mam for motivating and inspiring all in nation-building.