Friday, April 29, 2011

Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark Zuckerberg

You are remarkable. Perhaps you will go down the pages of human history for creating the most successful social network- THE FACE BOOK.

Your acumen for creating a software to make people come together socially is commendable because the otherwise anti social have turned highly social albeit on FB.
Your fame as ‘programming prodigy’ in your Harvard days will surely be highlighted in the books of later part of 21st century.

I read somewhere that you would not like a movie to be made on you while you are still alive.
Well, look at the peril in this- if they make a movie after you are dead and gone, the movie could portray you the way Plato or Aristotle portrayed Socrates in their writings. One will never know if Socrates ever said those words!

As Edward De Bono said, the gang of three- Aristotle, Plato and Socrates have led the society believe in what they believe is right. Although their philosophy evolved during the age of gladiators and conquerors, we hold it sacred even in the days of Formula 1 and UNO.

If you want the gen Y of 2050 to know what exactly you meant when you made Facebook while at Harvard , your intentions in passing it on to Yale or Stanford, and then making it as one of the most successful venture in spite of not allowing the ‘conglomerates’ take over you- let them better know from the horse himself.

Beware of story tellers, through movies or soaps they can make you a villain sent by aliens to destroy the thinking abilities in humans- so you made Facebook.

They can also create your character as the yes-man of US President who asked you to create Facebook so that people will remain engaged in the e-planet and ask no questions about sub-prime or wall street.

Or you may be the next James Bond- this time acting on behalf of Russia to sabotage the young minds of America or Britain. You will be portrayed as the agent who kept them redundantly busy with FB so that next generation need not say US is the big brother.

You have a social responsibility to convey your objectives for creating this social network.

Your intentional or inadvertent programming has revolutionized the way people talk and interact now.

Human behavior has undergone a radical transformation.
They no longer live (emotionally) on this planet. They are the citizens of an e-planet created by you. They meet, talk, chat, comment, grow farms build cities, exchange, ridicule, show off, play and pretend blissfully in this e-planet.

Presently we study human behavior and habits in sociology and psychology. Freud cant come back alive to explain why the humans respond the way they do on FB ! Harlow cant come back to experiment the responses of a monkey and relate it to the human reaction on FB !

Till now we have been studying human psychology and analyzing it- thanks to monkeys. But science and technology are yet to develop enough to make a monkey use Facebook.

So monkeys cant help the psychologists in 2050 to understand the human responses (or may be technology will progress enough by then- to make monkeys use computers- will you tell your descendants to allow monkeys to be members in your networking empire? I can imagine what the ape planet would do ‘lol’)

Mr Zuckerberg- have you noticed what kind of scope you are giving to anthropologists? Poor guys until now have been studying about middle class, rich and poor classes. Now they have rich practice fields to study new class of people on FB.

The new class of people on FB, give a variety of practice fields for anthropological study.

Lamenters-Like the tragedy heroes and heroines of yester years, these people cry and bemoan everything and anything in life.

"Oh how horrible life is ! why is lif is lik this? Oh god exams ! omg..why am I lonely? OMG….everybody is happy except me. Omg-whenever I see a couple I feel more lonely. Today I am sad, my dog did not eat the whole day".

Teasers-these are people who openly flirt or candidly express their feelings for others.

“ today someone’s looking like Ms Universe - oh who is that Ms Universe? Silly don’t you know its you- oh so I feel so great”.

Prodders- These are people who will keep prodding others till their curiosity kills their own cats

hey what happened why did you not reply?”
“Howaz the movie, who did you go with?”
“Why did you not come yesterday? When are you coming online?”

Preview producers-These are people who would like to share their private life publicly. Posting pictures of birthday parties, 2 to 6 packed bodies, glamorous poses, branded accessories and the fancy malls one visits .

Followers- These are the appeasers. They will literally like anything and everything said by their friends.

Crusaders- These are the most responsible people. They join causes, movements and signature campaigns. They build cities, grow farms and take pride in their reaps.

Champions- they play games although with eyes and fingertips- they are the champs.

Well Mr Zuckerberg your 14 billion dollar wealth and your vow to share it with community have already placed you on the Time cover page. I hope they see you in the new light of creating history in anthropology and write once again about you- the youngest man to have changed the way humans behave.

I cant help but close my letter with a quote from Aristotle

"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire."

you are awesome mr zuckerberg..


Saradhi Indurthi said...

Hi Seetha Murty

The categories of people existed ever since the existence of life. Its only with Mark that all of them can be found on a common platform :-)

-- Saradhi

Vamshi Krishna - krish,dove said...

Hi ma'm.... great to read your blogs... you add spice to writing! pretty interesting one, hope Mark goes through this, and replies... he has revolutionized, and the world is shrinking...the fortune favours the bold...according to mark, he is trying to make the world a more open, there is an all new generation, all new class, all new 'species' on FB... its a must read blog for all the 'faces' on 'facebook... the quote is true,and good punches all through the letter, 'you are awesome, mark... lol'! :)

-Vamshi Krishna-

nikhila.L said...

dear mam
the letter you wrote to mark zuckerberg was cool, i liked it.I have an interest in reading the articles which you write.

nikhila.L viii-d

Anonymous said...

hi! this is maaz-

well this is how ppl r gonna introduce themselves according to you.....nywyz luvd it u did literally make my lookin forward 2 meet u sumday & get ur autograph along with my buddy Mark's for creating Facebook so that Ms. Seetha could write this.........:P hav a nyc life...:)

AISHWARYA said...'am..wat an absolutely briliant letter...dat was like...ON UR FACE ZUCKERBERG...LOLZZ..:):):)


Teasers,Prodders,Preview producers,Followers,Crusaders,Champions and many more charectors are comming togeather at one platform.... Is'nt it awesome Mr. Mark Zuckerberg... In this present world where all others are demanding "departing" "Seperating" "Destructing" kind of people but I would like to say you have an unique Charector of setting this world at one place Called FACEBOOK.
Mr. Mark if you are reading this recieve my selute for this outstanding paradigm where U have created a different world.

kruthi said...

hey mam...
That letter contains good sarcasm..Really funny..great job mam..


swathi.k said...

hi ma'am ... ur letter was really nice. i hope mr. mark would read this. if he does then he would really know the appreciation for his great creation of the so called platform facebook...