Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I had the (mis)fortune to attend a celebration of teachers day where hundreds of government teachers were invited for bhashan, lunch and promises. The brown sahibs arrived one after the other in their heirarchical order of their political position.
Eachone came with an entourage of apparent chamchas and gave darshan to the sarkari teachers.
The pranams to the political gods were what even real gods would not have ever seen. What reverence and what subservience !!!

Sarkari teachers were all over the place shining in their golden ornaments irrespective of their gender.

I wish I had not seen the media men there who apparently had neither the dignity of their role nor the acumen for their job. They were happy that they could shake hands with the ‘P Gods’ and got to sit in the first row. Their pleased guffaws at the lunch announcement was another proof of their main interest.

Well the meeting started finally 2 hours after the due time with about 50 people on the stage and 500 people in the hall.

The speeches from different office bearers of various unions (obviously attached to different political parties) gave out the demands of the teachers- hike in salaries, free land or land at subsidized rates or free something else !

Not one demand was for professional training or upgradation. All teachers asked for materialistic benefits-inspite of their sarkari salaries !

What came to my mind were many teachers working in low cost private schools run by NGOs. I am closely associated with a few NGOs and I know how much work these teachers put in to bring out the best out of a child. All they get is a meager salary but their passion in their work is commendable.

If anyone deserves free land or salary hike it is those teachers who make a human being out of a child.

Well coming back to the meeting, the political gods gave their gregarious gospels and fraud promises with such manipulative charm that people began to plan the design of their dream houses !

Gawd ! God ( I am calling the real one – certainly not the political god) oh God ! please save my fellow human beings from their self inflicted emotional myopia and make them have an intellectual far sightedness ! Make them see their real worth and ask for what they deserve !

And please for heavens sake, make them see that you are the God and not these brown sahibs who are nothing more than mavericks !

Do it at the earliest lest you may lose your importance and you will have tough competition -from these political Gods !

You leave it to people to solve their own problems when you believe that they are capable, but these political gods make sure that people have no capabilities because they want blind faith -oh god- not discerning faith !


Anirudha said...

It's true pictur of the celebrations of teacher's day where these deigawds are invited, where everybody talks about he well being of themselves and divide theteachers with narrowed myopic views a visions.

Ther are good teachers wth te broad encompasing vision and view of their profession and the dignity of it.

Its the attitude of the indvidual teacher which makes the difference because attitude decides the altitude.

Here in this world of educaton the teachers are bound by the lack of role models to follow.

One needs to become free from the constraints of the surroundings and come out with the zeal to excel in the profession.

Very few role models to follow. Question is how to inculcate this habit of professional dignity among the teammates.

Why not to become the startimg point of the change and let us become the cause to reduce the importance of the khaki gods and their chamachas.

Teachers day should be a day for the teachers on which they review their course completed and make corrections if any and the society gives them a recogniton for the imporant job they do.

Eswar Maruri said...

You made me laugh .. When I imagined the situation where those Politicians gave speeches and promises as if they were real gods. Funny teachers follow those speeches and clap as if they were promised by real god.. An Insight .. Funny part is .. "P Gods" know that teachers are not fools and they certainly don't believe in their speeches .. and teachers also know that these "P Gods" are selling crap and can be named as real ass holes ! But this still goes on .. goin on .. will go on .. go on .. and go on .. What the hell ! Dear Real God, when will you make my people realize?

meghana.L said...

very interesting. I liked the part where politicians gave promises as if they were gods. Really interesting.


hope and love said...

a teacher has to be is great blessing..

jayaprada said...

Its really unfortunate for"guru" not knowning his or her own strength and power and asking for materialistic things.Bending before brown sahebs is like insulting their own stength and powers.ohhhhhhhhhhhh....!ALMIGHTY pls bring them out from the narrow mindedness.

jayaprada said...

Its really unfortunate GURU not knowing his/her own strength and power and bending before BROWN SAHIBS.forgetting the professional dignity and asking for the materialistic things....OH ALMIGHTY I pray you please save them from their narrow mindedness!

kruthi said...

Hello mam!

Its really interesting to know the real picture of the fecilitation of sarkari teachers...The reality is that there are not many sincere sarkari teachers...I really loved the way you have explained the situation.


Vamshi Krishna - krish,dove said...

Interesting article ma'm....... i like the way u write, the the content is very catchy...... an eye-opener for many...... attitude and courage makes the difference......awaiting for many more!!!!! :)
Vamshi Krishna X-A

saiteja said...

very nice article mam. Your article is always the best.

Ex juniour wing representstive of year 2009-10