Sunday, January 10, 2010

‘’’---‘’’’aaaalllll eeeezzz well’’’---‘’’???’’??/?

If the entire year of 2009 had various events and problems, the month of December alone had a share of more than a year’s happenings.

A storm in ‘T’ cup led to a ‘T’ movement- (no) thanks to the media who brewed the tempers on all sides without any restraint. May be we could award the AP electronic media for ably aggravating a movement for their ratings. As far as the movement is concerned the centre is yet to rate it.

Again (no) thanks to the E-media who could not achieve much out of the prized footage from a faceless woman with unpleasant pictures of a well know face.
Except that the Governor retired into the hills and a few days of glory for the channel, nothing much has been achieved.

Wonder who mis-interpreted the ‘statements’ of the Honourable Home Minister more !
The politically unemployed?
The ‘rat’ing race TV channels?
Or the students who have been misled by their own mentors?
Well whoever it is –they need a finer understanding of the English language (particularly the one we inherited from the Brits which says it all but apparently says nothing)

While all the ‘T’ lovers and opponents hanging out in the corridors of the South & North Blocks in Delhi, we in AP could take a short spell of relief.

Lo and behold, there brews another storm this time not because of the t-cup but a channel called TV5. They have surpassed CBI FBI CID and may be RAW too. Whatever their findings may be on the tragic death of our Late CM, they are making sure that unrest continues in the state and also up there for the departed soul.

At the national level thanks to the good Samaritan role fulfilled by the TV channels. ruthless Rathore has been brought to books for his ugly smirk. I am sure Ruchika from up there in heaven must be saying jai ho to them.

Who is the idiot? Chetan Bhagat or Vidhu Vinod Chopra? His books might have made Chetan appear like a wise man but his statements on TV certainly displayed his lack of wisdom.
Vidhu apologised for using unparliamentary language-‘shut up’ in a press meet but all our parliamentarians who used deplorable language during the ‘T’ party –they need not, because they are fighting the ‘people’s war’.

Traditionally, awards are doled out at the end of the year for those who excel during the year.

Therefore the

Award for the most destructive role-goes to AP E- Media
Award for the most proactive role -goes to National E-Media
( as of now only in the case of justice for Ruchika)

Despite all this mayhem, year 2009 ended with the re assuring line from the 3 idiots- ‘’aaalll eeezz well’

I hope it ushers in an era of excellence and reduces the stress on children for the race to the top. In the last 5 years that I have been in Hyderabad I met parents seeking admissions for their children.

May it be Grade 1 or Grade 10, 80% of the parents that I met have only one aspiration-IIT.
Irrespective of their child’s aptitude and insensitive to their child’s attitude, many parents push their children.

That there are other avenues for opportunities and other reasons for loving children-not many parents are aware.

It took 5 years for me and my team to help the parents love their children despite their marks.
I have seen some of my ex-students who actually burnt the midnight oil from their Grade 8 to and 10 and in the 2 yrs of intermediate.
Of course the factories that they studied in enrolled them into IIT coaching but what they ended up is a meagre rank in EAMCET.
Passion for Knowledge, application of concepts and excellence in whatever we do-comes from an inner need to do something more.
It cannot be tutored but it can certainly be ignited.

Students like ‘Ranchhos’ are seldom seen but every second student is either a Raju Rastogi or a Farhan.

In the last 15 years many ‘Chatur Ramlingams’ have passed through the realms of schools and colleges. We can see them in senior positions in big companies. They have excelled in the ‘art of making a living’.

During the admissions or PTMs I interact with parents. What I try to understand is the parents’ understanding of education.
-There some young couples who want school to give pleasure in learning because they only had pressure in their schooling days.
-Yet there are some who want regimented schooling because they came up only because of that.
-There are still some more who understand that schooling patterns have evolved progressively from their time to their child’s times and therefore they are ready to educate their children in the contemporary times.

Whatever may be the case, I only have one thing to say to parents that we in the school, make each year of learning a memorable experience. Enjoying the present is as important as preparing for thefuture.

In our case the means to an end is important.

Because I don’t want any student to feel like ‘Lobo’ in the movie and sing
Give me some sunshine
Give me some rays
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again.

Episode Punch
When I took all my tenth graders to watch 3 Idiots –I gave them a briefing-watch how each character conveys a message.

Ranchho who is seeking knowledge from anywhere and everywhere, Farhan who gathered the courage to convey his needs clearly to his father, Raju who found his attitude albeit after an accident and ofcourse Pia who could discern between a gadha and a genuine guy!

While walking out of the theatre-they thanked me so profusely that I actually felt like I made the movie.
Hope Vidhu Vinod Chopra is not reading this, lest he may use unparliamentary language-this time at me.


lachmi said...

Maam, I really liked your article & the movie as well.This movie has been released at a very right time when most of the people associated with education are trying to redefine the actual outcome of education and guiding parents what they should expect out of their children's schooling years.Very humorously & light heartedly the movie conveys the definition of a good student & an successful person.I hope more people will watch this movie & read your blog to have an eye opening experience on what the current education is leading to.Once the school stop producing robots(students lacking thinking skills & operated by others) other irrelevant issues are automatically going to be resolved.

Rajakumari said...

Dear Madam,
///..... Tussi great ho,tuafa kubul ho....///
Hats off to your article, been waiting to read ur blog. I'am sure to see ranchhos coming out of Silver Oaks under your leadership.

Siddharth said...

Hi maam
It has been long time that you posted something new on your blog. I was missing it.
I enjoyed reading this post also.You have a wonderful way of writing.It is a pleasure always.

Anonymous said...

Amir Khan is simply grt maam. He acts well and conveys the message very well.Thanks for taking us to the movie maam.I loved the movie and forced my parents to see it. I saw it once again with them.
I am now going to work for 'excellence' as you keep saying.
Kaamayabi ke peeche nahi , kabiliyat ke peeche bahgunga abse.
tussi grt ho maam.

Pradyumna said...

today's newspaper report also says the same thing.High Court has admonished the TV channels for overplaying the issues.They deserve the awardd for the 'most destructive role'.you have given out the right award at the right time Ms Murthy.Looking forward for more.

proud of acorn of silver oaks said...

You made us watch jaane tu also with briefing maam.we all remember the way you explained about each charactr in the movie.whenevr we frnds meet we talk abt how we saw this movie in the school.
the lesn i wil remebr from the movi is to be non violnt and use less cell phone so that my fathr wil not get fat bills.
you didnt tak us to the movie hall.our juniors are lucky.they cud see the movie in the hall with you.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the present is as important as preparing for the future.
As a teacher I started enjoying my job after I realised this. I always used to prepare my stduents for the exams.But now I prepare them each day with joy and enthusiasm.I can see the light in their eyes when they learn new things.Thanks maam for helping me see sunshine and giving me new rays.I am growing once again with my students now.

Janardhan said...

I have not seen the movie. Your blog is creating the intrest.Your award for the AP E Media is very suitable

Ramakrishna S said...

The national media has reached to some level of maturity. Our local media is yet to learn that. Their reporters have no education or knowledge. Sometimes I think they dont even know the topic for which they are asking questions.
Thats why they deserve the most detsructive award.

Sudha said...

Hi buddy
long tim no see. No audio or video.Thot u wer hibernating.
good read and good thots. always knew u hav the mettle. keep going.
lets meet befor the world ends !

Sudha said...

forgot to of the channels is owned by my uncle. i asked him to read ur blog and handed over ur award.He didnt seem happy but accepted it


I can only say "ALL IS WELL".
Will pray for the society"ALL IS WELL".
Its rare to find a Rancho but it is always THERE on the cards, lets bring out the best in the students like Farhan and Raju Rastogi coz we may or we may not create a Rancho in other words "EINSTEIN".
Will pray for the students "ALL IS WELL".
I can Only say "ALL IS WELL".

Ajitha vinod said...


First off all a very happy 2010
I must say the ways you interpret things are very different whether it’s a movie or a situation.
It is your attitude towards life that makes you think differently?
Wilson Churchill has said that the, ‘Attitude decides the Altitude’ and this is very true in your case. I have seen the rise in the last three years .No wonder Silver Oaks have more feathers in their cap.
I wish all educators have a greater sense of passion, purpose and urgency. A lot can be achieved with the right attitude.

Kartikeya said...

you are right. They should have some educated and informed reporters and editors for these TV channels.I dont think that they enagage competent people for these jobs. Recommendations or nephews and nieces or sisters and brothers must be given jobs and thats why we find such poor quality of reporting.Our idea of professionalism is very poor. and we have no ethics in work.AP E media is an example of that
well written article.

Aniruddha said...

Nice to read the other side of the e-media.

Yes every coin has the Head and the Tail, and when you call heads and start getting tails you feel it uneasy.

At one time we have fought hard to have a frredom of press and at the same time we call for the control on the press.

very interesting conflict.

I feel it is not the media who to be discussed.

it is us and our attitude which needs a review.

We continuously hype and crave for the more spice more masala and some sensation, some thrill in daily life - a break from the routine and then we get the telangan or united andhra as the diverters of the problem.

Yes I call them diversions from the main issue of progress for every person in the state which is not seen and not in focus. And the politicians are clever encough to divert us from asking this question and and divert us to look at the problems which are brain childs of them created for their small interests.

The need of the hour is to persisitently continue our journey on the road of success without getting deterred from the motto of making Global Civilians and the civilians for the tomorrow's utopic world for everybody.

You presented both sides of the coin in a balanced fashion.

Happy Sankranthi.

Let us have three cheers for the Sankranthi the festival of Sankramana -- the change and celebrate it.


rachnas said...

Wonder what our peaceful state heading to..every other day there is a new storm brewing in the T-cup....wish could make all t-supporters say what Rancho said 'Hum science ki taraf se hain'....what a movie ...a complete package of entertainment and surely is very reassuring to say and believe 'alll eezzz well'. Have to say 'hum sab kilobytes aur megabytes aap humare guru - gigabyte.

ravalikareddy said...

once again thanks a lot for showing us such a wonderful movie ma'am.
this article is really very interesting...
your brief explanation of the movie made me understand it in a different way.i will surely work for excellence ma'am.
thanks ma'am

RISHI R said...

hi maam
this article which you have put on your blog is very interesting.

I really get angry at the politicians who start the cooking, the media who support it with fire and the people who seem to be adding spices without any limitation making the whole result fail and getting very bad results from the same way when this whole T-topic is crossing the limit and finally i can tell that a.p is in for a very bad time.

coming to your second topic 3 idiots, i strongly agree that we must aim for excellence then success will come behind you.I am proud to be a part of such a school which follows this policy. i am sure that from the following years our school can expect many ranchoes passing out.

thank 'u' mam for putting our school on the right path to develop to such a high standard

rags said...

really i wanna c da faces of d press people after readin dis blog!!

i hope more n more racho acorns wil appear in silver oaks!!

missfierce15 said...

hey, all i wanna say is that if you make ur students to work the way they are now, sundays included, they will surely grow up singing- give me another chance, i wanna grow up once again.... i know your reply to this, and here's my reply- u were the ones who gave holidays, we didnt ask for them... and then, plz dont tell me your students are happy to work on sundays, cause i am a student and know better... its only suck ups coming to you about-'ma'am we are too happy to work'... puh-lease!!! spare me!!!i dont get this nonsense- plus, shouldnt they get a bit o time to relax and spend family time? also to bo noted, the homework is being distributed as if we have ten months of holidyas!so, i hope i set you thinking, cause it ain't fair to make us work dis ways, honey, and any sensible person wud think so... good work on the blog though.

x th graders said...

we promise to you that we all will not be chatur ramalingams but be ranchchos of silver oaks..

aishwarya,raeesah and sravani

alekhya said...

yes you are right maam

MRUDHULA said...