Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The National Curriculum in the State

The news that state board schools will adopt CBSE syllabus from the next session-is indeed welcoming. That they have finally realized Math & Science as universal concepts and not state definitions-is a step ahead.
Last year I was very happy when, our Chief Minister had proposed to convert the government schools into CBSE pattern of teaching-But I was unhappy to see the vehement opposition from the teachers of government schools.

They were worried because they were not trained or suitably equipped and also they do not have the mettle to take up new challenges-because most of them are doing a government job-not teaching! To train themselves to work –that itself is a big challenge to them, now training themselves for new type of teaching is practically unthinkable for most of them. Thus, they opposed!

I wish the Chief Minister had asked help from the existing CBSE schools in the state for training and support. However I am glad that his proposal of last year has materialised in the name of ‘centralisation of education’- from next year.

To make all state schools follow CBSE science and math-mandatory has been a laudable reform our CM has done. Finally a semblance to our education system is falling into place.

My serious concerns
However the same news also says that languages and Social sciences will be developed locally by the SCERT to maintain the importance of local history and culture.

Well, that’s what began to worry me ! Unless we have forward looking curriculum framers in SCERT we cannot make social studies relevant. The fact that SSC text books have not been updated in the last 30 yrs speaks about the disinterest in making curriculum relevant for our students.

I have been teaching Social Sciences and English in CBSE schools across the country for the last 15yrs. I have been a witness to the gradual upliftment of curriculum there. However, there is still scope for relevance there too.

Now that I am in Andhra for the last 5 years, I am also seeing the SSC textbooks which are like dinosaurs. I will talk more about Social Sciences & English b’coz I am a passionate teacher of these .

In SSC books we still teach history as a record of dates and events. The questions asked in the boards are also seeking the memory of names, dates and events and not the relevance of those events.

Make History a Heritage subject-mandatory, but not for a 3 hr written exam
While it is important to know our history and culture, it is certainly irrelevant to make it an exam oriented subject. Arts, culture and local history, should be made as compulsory heritage subjects and not exam oriented topics.

If USA can make community service as a compulsory credit to clear year level exams, we can also make projects and presentations on local or national history as mandatory credits-not a 3 hr written exam which does not ensure any respect or interest in our history.

Local history..can it ensure Unity in Diversity?
In my opinion teaching local history has created one major disadvantage, alienation and demands for separation of states. Encashing upon local history and pride, vested political parties are seeking political mileage.

If in AP if we create social sciences, we might have to make sure that all ‘volatile regions’ are covered or else, we might have another agitation like the one in 70s-asking for separate Andhra or rayalseema or telengana ! It is important to know the local heroes, legends, culture and folklore-for the sake of a cultural identity, but it should not be stretched to the point of examining them.

If we have to grow up as one country and make everyone grow equally well I feel that we should grow out of this local and regional feelings. Why groom students with such separatist ideas?

For the last 60 years we have been learning world history and Indian history mandatorily in all schools of India. If learning about history gives us all pride and glory, why are we having such regional animosities? Why do we have communal wars if our students have learnt the sanctity of secularism? When we have studied Gandhism and Buddhism as a way of life, why do we have terrorism?

Just by having lessons on these topics and making students mug up irrelevant data, we cannot ensure knowledge of history. It is the connection to the present that will evoke interest in them.

The relevance of teaching History
If French Revolution is a lesson, a student has to memorise the names, dates and who marched to where! The same French revolution is taught in CBSE with a relevant interpretation on revolutions that ushered in the rights and equalities for human beings.

Though I wonder, if in France, they ever learn about Indian history and the freedom struggle that has created world’s largest democracy. I also wonder if European countries learn about each others’ history. We in India have still not grown out of our fancy for foreigners and their history.

Personally I would want everyone to know about the world history in terms of political, social, cultural and economic structures that have evolved in each country because we are living in a global village now and the days of island living are over. We need to grow out of our cocoon and see the big world.

Today’s generations of students are growing up in a globalised world and what is more relevant is the political and economic priorities of different countries which are generally based on their social structures.

For example: we teach the tenets of Communism with examples from USSR & China-the former has ceased to exist and the later has flourished after discreetly adopting Capitalism. Similarly we teach Socialism which has not ushered in much economic progress in our country. Students grow up with the idea that socialism has been successful in making equitable justice happen-which is not exactly true. Privatisation and open economy are not discovered by them until they go to graduation level.

God forbid, if the student takes up engineering or medicine, he learns the nitty gritty of his science but not about the socio-political economy that he has to work in.

We need to leave Bismarck alone-we have many more diplomats from whom our students can learn the art of diplomacy in bringing nations together.

With all due regards to Napolean, I think he should be remembered for his courage to make it big in spite of humble background –not just for how many territories he conquered and how he came to be the ‘great’.

Neither Asoka nor Chandra Gupta Maurya ever feature in French history or German history but we in India learn about Henry the XIV or Freiderich or Peter The Great .

We learn about Catherine the Great, but no one talks about Jhansi ki Rani in Russia.

It is good that a system of administration has been started by the Guptas, Mauryas and Mughals according to the social and political conditions then. A system has been evolved by our parliamentarians too, after Independence! Against all odds of partition, poverty, population growth, security threats from China & Pakistan, they still evolved an administrative structure.

Why don’t we teach that to our students instead of teaching the insignificant details on janapadas and stupas throughout their 6th to 10th?

Ironically they are oblivious to their immediate past but made to learn facts from remote past. They don’t even know why India Gate in Delhi is built but they have to learn about structures built 1000 years ago.

The students just mug up the tenets of Communism or Marxism or Socialism without any orientation towards how different ideologies have evolved to make equity and justice happen.

Curriculum framing after 1947
When we got independence and education was framed as basic literacy programme, the curriculum framers then, felt that it is important to teach our historical growth over thousands of years and freedom struggles in different countries, because it was recent history then.
That was more than 60yrs ago.

A Time Cap Please !
I think we need to put a time cap and say that all that happened 75 years ago is remote history and the rest as recent history. Remote history can be taught as a heritage subject which is mandatory but not for a written exam.

For the present generation, recent history is- how India is making it big against economic and political adversities! How USA has assumed the big brother role when it is European countries that have modernised first with industrial revolution!

Why should our students still learn that outdated dialogue of— ‘the sun never sets in the British empire’? While the fact is that Indians have spread so far and wide that writer Parag Khanna, commented ‘the sun never sets on the Indian diaspora’.

Why are they still learning about super powers, when the fact is that there are no longer super powers!

Seismic political shifts are happening and even a small country like Israel has a strategic importance.

Cold War !!! Where?
Congress of Vienna for restoration of royal rule-why ?

We don’t study about the war of the royals against joining the Indian Union during 1947 but we study something that happened in 1800s, that too in Europe.

How can remote past be called contemporary?
Moreover it is called as contemporary world history !
How can League of Nations, Russian revolution and its course be contemporary?
Even the dictionary says contemporary means-up to date, current, modern, present, living! What happened in 1905 cannot be contemporary in 2009 !
We focus so much on Freedom Movement in India that starting from Grade VII we teach them through Grade X.
We create such an image that starting from 15th August 1947-it had been a bed of roses.

We just can’t teach them history till 1947 and make them believe that from henceforth we lived happily ever after!

For this generation, what is more relevant is history from 1947!
For this generation contemporary world is G8 Summits/SAARC Meets/nuclear Pacts/sanctions/IT revolution/Growth of Private Sector/civil movements etc., etc.,

All the king’s men and all the king’s horses could not put humpty dumpty together again!
Bismarck’s lessons on diplomacy may come of use for us perhaps when our states are being divided but it did not come of any use when our country was being divided. Partition needs a more serious mention than unification of Germany-because all diplomacy of Nehru, tact of Patel or silent strength of Gandhi could not stop the country from being divided

In fact more than during continental shifts, countries have assumed new shapes after the 2nd world war. I see how students struggle to remember the years and names of people and places, whereas, what they should actually learn is that with little technology or no technology how the progress of civilizations have taken place.

Instead of teaching what vessels and jewellery have been used in Indus Valley civilization, or how the constructions were done during Roman empire, we should categorise the entire history into progress of mankind through...
The ages of
• Hunters/gatherers
• Agrarian workers
• Industrial workers
• Information/knowledge workers
• And finally the need for workers with wisdom.

There could be more constructive suggestions and meaningful approaches to teaching social sciences from progressive educators. This is purely my personal feeling and I am proud that I could teach all my Board batches of X & XII in the last 15 years with my convictions and yet made them laudable achievers in the exams. Reforms or no reforms, I have seen many educators making their own paths to educate their students.
Exams are not constraints of time if we truly want to educate!


Ranga Suman Kondamuri said...

Your ideas on "National Curriculum" are thought provoking.

The common treatment of History as a parade of dates and facts and the barren chronicles must be changed immediately.

As an eminent Teacher of Social Sciences , you have analysed the topic at length and your suggestions are very impressive.

A coordinated approach to curriculum development at elementary,middle and high school levels with larger themes of understanding great human tragedies and experiences is the need of the hour.

Anonymous said...

you are exactly correct. Even in my school days, the question in my mind while reading History was, "Why am I reading it, how it would help me?" I was mugging up all the years mentioned in the book and putting them on the paper where I feel appropriate. The one who doesn't have the contemporary knowledge, what he would do with the history.It may be a difficult task but change is very needed in the curruculum.

Ramakrishna S said...

Respected Principal Maam
Are these changes possible? Do you think our politicians have any interest in our personal lives? For them what matters is popularity votes money and power. Reforming our country and bringing changes they cannot do. People like you and me should do it, if we want our young generation to get educated.In education,the only interest i have seen in our political leaders is giving illegal permissions to unsuitable people to run colleges and schools, because they get kickbacks in that.Our country should develop so much that we will not need politicians at all.only then real development will happen.
Keep up the good work madam and groom good people for this world.All of us need a good society and a good world.

Kiran Kumar said...

The changes you are suggesting are highly needed. Education is becoming obsolete without any relevance to current day needs. We should learn to appreciate our culture and history and not curse it because we have to write an exam in it.
I appreciate your courage in showing the gaps in the system although you are the Principal of a school.We need more people like you to make change happen.

Shapong said...

Murty Maam
not fair..You made us learn loads and loads of history and now you say that it is not required. I slogged day and night to get good score in the boards-you gave me a treat for getting 82%in my history.Ofcourse I giv u the credit for making me learn that subject which I hated till u came to teach us.
I dont understand, I thought u lovd the subject, then y this new suggestion? May I ask my dearest maam?

seeta said...

Good Evening Mam.
Your ideas on "National Curriculam" are really great.I loved it.I agree with your ideas.
From my school days till today I had love to numbers but not in History.
If really there will be any change it will be great help for present generation.

NR Nanduri said...

I have been thinking about your suggestion on making history a heritage subject which need not be written as an exam but only through a presentation. Do you think that students will show any interest in it if they dont have to write an exam in it? With an exam to write, they dont show much interest, without it???

Kranti Parahsar New Delhi said...

your idea of putting a time cap on history is brilliant.It is practical too.for how long will we keep learning Guptas, mauryas and mughals? It is interesting to know about them if i dont have to learn about them to write an exam.I like to remember akbar as a secular ruler and shershah as a good adminstrator.Thats all.India is known all over the world because of guptas and mauryas also i like to remember and appreciate them.but remembering the wars they waged and the places they conquered and all the names of the kings who were their vassals is of no use now. i studied history with lots of love for it, but now i regret that i dont have much current knowledge. I didnt have time to use my brains on cerrent knowledge because i had to learn lengthy lessons of history and geography.
I pray that some change will come and education will become more contemporary.

Meenakshi chandran said...

I am a social studies teacher for 17 years.I think I am the bestteacher.All my students passed out with minimum 85% in the Boards.From your article I feel that students will show disinterest in the subject after reading it.We should teach them about our great history and thousands of years of culture and values.the world learnt so many things from our dont you think that our students should also learn from our own history?

umadevi said...

Kudos! for the topic you have chosen. At last ‘Winds of Change’ will blow in the state board schools.
I agree with you and if at all there would be a change in the subject history , it would be a boon to the present generation students. Making history a heritage subject would make more sense than any thing else. And also learning more about our country post independence would be more enduring and significant rather than just mugging up the dates and places of the events that have taken place a century ago.
Shift happens...................... and empowering the students with contemporary knowledge would make them future ready where they will have to face the world with a global perspective.

Himabindu D. said...

I do agree with your points ma'am. We mostly are studying about every country in the world without knowing what the exact reasons are behind it. As you've said our textbooks( history) is from the perspective of a few people. What some think is the past is something different for someone else.

But through personal experience I know that we are not the only nation that studies about other nations but there are others. The only difference is that we assess ourselves through exams while the typical phenomenon is through projects in foreign countries.

I agree that there needs to be a change in the education system but not making history mandatory may have a few side effects like not studying for it at all. But with other measures like having a frequent check-up by the respective authorities or something like that , such effects can be subsided. (At least hoping so :) )

Rachna Sharma said...

In my opinion a subject is taught at school to get the basic understanding of the subject some knowledge which can as per situational need be applied in daily life and this applies to all the subjects. Later a student opts for spcializations depending on his interests. This basic learning are the fundamentals and should be common for all in whichever state the student may be studying or going global whichever part of the world .
History tells us why we are today the way we are-- why is it necessary to learn the dates the names and the periods in understanding how history has shaped our lives of today which way an incident has been instrumental in the change makes the difference not the date on which it happened or who was involved in it.
no law no reform can bring the change we can WE the teachers have to make the difference.

Dr Pratap Reddy said...

As you have observed that curriculum design has been done 60years ago. Unfortunately the government is too busy taking care of other problems like povery over sized population and employment that it does not have the time to look into importance of lessons and the real objectives of education.For them more important thing is how many children are going to schools, how many are passing out, how many are in reservation category,how to run schools etc etc etc.
I dont think governments are politicians can do anything about education except for data maintenenace.I hope educators like you will take the initiative and make education more meaningful than it is now.dependence on govt is futile.

Vatsala said...

Till you have pointed out the unimportance of teaching history as an exam oriented subject I have also thought that it is very importnat to learn. I am seeing it differently aftre reading your article.Just like my grandmother always told us that never go out of the house if a cat crosses your path. we all listened to her without questioning, because she knows the best. When my mother cautioned us to stay indoors on eclipsed day, I have blindly taken permission and stayed at home. I didnt question her becuase I believe that she knows best.inspite of knowing more about science we dont question orthodox thoughts.This is also something like that. Just because for many years this is being taught, we believe that it is important to teach. we need to change.

Atula said...

old ways and old systems need to change according to the need of the day.We cant keep hanging to the old ways because we only know those methods.
Cheers Ms Murty keep up the good job.

Nirupam Sen Guwahati said...

The problem with our textbook makers is that they are mostly university level prfessors or retired teachers who are not in current world.They neither know the needs of the present generation nor do they know the alternatives.
When contemporary educators are taken into making curriculum only then chnages can be included.

Namita Kapoor A Class 12 student said...

I love history and I enjoy reading about how foreigners invaded our country.As you suggested I will love it more if it is not exam oriented.I would love to make a presenttaion on mughals and I am sure it will be the most beautiful presentation anyone has ever seen.But if you ask me to write an exam I can never say anything on my own, I have to write the answers as told in the text book.I dont like it then.I am sure I will get an oscar if I am allowed to make PPT on history instead of 3 hr exam.

Namita Kapoor A Class 12 student said...

I love history and I enjoy reading about how foreigners invaded our country.As you suggested I will love it more if it is not exam oriented.I would love to make a presenttaion on mughals and I am sure it will be the most beautiful presentation anyone has ever seen.But if you ask me to write an exam I can never say anything on my own, I have to write the answers as told in the text book.I dont like it then.I am sure I will get an oscar if I am allowed to make PPT on history instead of 3 hr exam.

Jay Karandikar said...

I also have questions and doubts on what is relevant and what is irrelevant.One of the social teachers commented on your blog that how will they learn our culture and traditions if they dont learn about history- I would like to answer her doubts. Most of us learn values and traditions from families and society.Not text books, because in the anxiety to do well in exams we dont have time to explore the real values behind these lessons.I am understanding the real values of Buddhism now, because I have been working in Japan for 4 years now. I keep travelling a lot. The peace and tranquility with which those people conduct themsleves is completely because of the religion they follow.It comes to them because they have learnt it from their families and society-not textbooks.
If values can be learnt only from text books, we should be a peaceful country-as you pointed out, - we have more terorism and more infights within the states now. Why did our curriculum not teach us values to respect other religion or other regions?
I am in total agreement with you madam for the keen observation you made on the curriculum.
I wish to see that change which you are suggesting-for the world peace

Mrinalini Deshmukh said...

change is a slow process but imminent.we have been seeing so many changes in the last 15 years.I hope this will be the new change that all of us will enjoy and wish that the present generation are the-wisdom age workers.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Principal Maam
You are my role model. Your ideas and your suggestions are mindboggling.In our family we are all discussing about your articles and whenever we have guests my mother is making them read your blogs.I feel so proud about it.

Sangeet Sharma said...

The selection of people to make curriculum-is the most crucial thing.Mostly government takes people who are working for years and done research and have many degress.What government doesnt see is that, degress and number of years of service cannot make a person suitable to make curriculum.
If degress and seniority are the criteria-private sector would never grow the way it is growing.Young bright managers are bringing phenonmenal changes in the industry.Phds and seniority alone cannot give eligibility.One should have the mettle and zeal also.
we need forward looking people to run universities and educational institutions-not professors and lecturers who have got a seat because of reservation and a job because of reservations.what changes can they bring except for how to take care of their positions.
privitasation can reduce the influence of these reservation candidates and bring new generation of ideas.

concerned citizen said...

Our state is dominated by the private schools which call themselves as corporate schools. They will not allow any reforms to take place because they will lose their monopoly.They will bribe the government officials and make sure that reforms will not happen.I am seeing un natural growth of these institutions and I know that they are growing mainly because of corrupting the govt officials.people like you may hope but groups like them will not let this happen.

Anonymous said...

Ma,am it is shobha here. Today also my comment has been published in anonymous name. Where I am going wrong I don't know. I will come to you once again. I think I am a slow learner. Please it is not for publishing purpose.

Kanak said...

I feel that history is a great subject and is essential to learn and it is a good idea not to have 3 hr long exams to write for it. All that is needed is understanding of the topic. I have seen many people saying that history is the toughest subject. These students, do understand the topics but when it pops up as a 6 marks question, they get worried.
Also, why not apply the same rule for other subjects too?
Kanak Kataria

Sriram Kumar said...

Dont wait for government to do something.Schools like you and people like you can take initiatives and do the reforms needed.All the best.

Vijay Kumar M said...

Amar chitra Katha TV serials Movies and grandmother stories, they all tell us about history more interestingly than our textbooks.I remember the story of Akbar clearly because of Amarchitra katha, not because I studied in my school days. Your suggestion of making them as heritage subject and not for exams is simply great. i appreciate you mrs murthy for your forward thinking. I am very proud that my son is in your school.I know that he is getting right education.

Dr Basu said...

what is Basic education and what is important? very difficult to decide.But one thing I am sure is that what we are providing as basic education today in schools is not what is is outdated.I alos have questions on how to make a basic education program which is suitable for different people.rural areas and cities, there are different cannot mean the same for everybody.Please do not leave it on government alone for every reform.Educators like you, NGOs and private organizations should take the lead and support our large country in making education more real.

Sandeep Reddy Hyderabad said...

only when a GO comes will I believe in all this news on reforms.I have been reading about grades in CBSE since 1999.Where is it now? its 2009 and still implementation is pending. 2 days back our local newspapers also carried the news that there will be grades in SSC from 2010.If CBSE at the cnetre can take 10 years and still no action, SSC will take another 20 years.There is nobody who is interested in bringing reforms for students.Their interest is in people who can vote for them not people who still do not have voting age.
Please do not get discouraged with my comment. You please keep up your good work and do whatever you can and dont hope that govt will do anything.
I have been raeding your blogs for sometime now.You are very optimistic.I pray to god that your hope will come true.

A parent said...

kudos principal maam
to your ideas and your suggestions.
I dont mind joining back school if such reforms are introduced and education is made meanigful.I dont mind leaving my job and enjoy schooling once again to learn the important purpose of education.
my deepest regards to you

Nikhil said...

we have a party in our house today.we have 15 guests.My father is amking all of them read your blog. They all are sending their congratualtions to youfor writing this article.we are discussing your blogs only.

Renuka said...

great blog. mindboggling articles. each topic that you talk about, I can understand and think about. Normally such blogs and such thoughts go ten feet above my head. You have an art to communicate maam. Great going keep it up.

Ramnath sastry said...

I like your sense of humour.all the king's men and all the king's horses could not put humpty dumpty together again-great sense of humor. it is sad that india pak separated tragically like that. it is also sad that none of our great leaders could keep us together.


good observation. good suggestions. wish that the right people will hear them and follow them.

Karthikeya said...

When I was in US I have seen my children studying the US many details and so many names.They also give great importance to history.But unlike us they do not have exams that test the memory of students. their testing patterns are very interesting and different.You should study them and see if such patterns can be brought here also.

your Manager Admissions said...

Hi mam, I felt glad to see ur article . I have seen your frustratedness towards the system of education in our state. May be this is the beginning of the educational revolution in our state. Pioneer this situation. I defneatly think your writeup changes the educational system in our state. If all the educators starts thinking differently like this, the transformation can be done easily. May be this article brings lot of change in their thinking, if they come to see this by chance. The way u staged "Winds of Change", made me change my opinion on social. In my school days I felt it was one of the boring subjects, but now the way you deal with social, the interest I see in your students (waiting for the social class to come), made me think that it is one of the interesting subjects.
-------Jaya Lakshmi

Jayakrishna Reddy K said...

Last year I have witnessed your school opera at shilpa kala vedika.'Winds of change'.Believe me madam, I have seen French revolution russian revolution and americsn revolution in a new meaning then.For me they were the most boring topics when I was in school.How you gave a new meaning and new perspective, I felt that they were the most interesting topics.
I spoke about it in my office and my friends also appreciated that.
Discussing such important issues and making students, parents and tecahers partners in this brainstorming session is very nice.I am enjoying it all.

you know who said...

You keep amzing me like this.when I meet you its like a bindaas friend who enjoys life with great enthusiasm. when I read your articles I wonder where you hide all that intellectual thinking.Buddy I am very proud of you and I can never stop wondering as to how manage so many different dimensions in your personaliity.

ravalikareddy said...

i agree with u ma'am. your ideas are superb ma'am. the schools are making the students mug up things rather than understanding and learning.this is what annoys me, sometimes i feel "are students machines to mug up and then vomit every thing exactly on the exam paper". but i am really thankful to u as u never make us to do so.
i do have a question always in my mind i.e. what is the use of learning history, mugging up dates just for the purpose of exams and forget it the next day. till now i have the same doubt and whom ever i asked they did not give me a suitable answer.
thank u ma'am

your gang of PDs from Shillong said...

bang on target maam. you hit the nail right in its place.I am sure also know how to make it happen.keep going maam we are all behind you.
with all our love
your gang of "PD"s (please dont tell anyone what PD means) from Shillong

sai said...

hats off to your keen observation and your suggestions.

lakshmirao said...

Dear Mrs.Sita,
The way you have dealt with the topic shows your passion for the subject.I have come across just ahandfull of "Good Social Science" teachers in my 47 years of life. Certainly you will be added in that list of mine from today. Excellent.
When it comes to " National Curriculum" and SCERT trying bring out their own Social Science text books is highly appreciable If nad only If a lot of constructive research takes place @ the Grass root level to avoid factual errors which even the NCERT couldn't be exempted.
The idea of remote past and recent Past is quite relevant. I think this point can be seconded without a next thought as it is ridiculous to know when/why the battle plassey was fought rather than knowing why this communal ism among Indians is prevailing despite it's rich cultural heritage.Good going !!!
Lakshmi Rao

suma said...

Hi Seetha Dear

OMG!! Where do you manage to get all these ideas from?? Are you on leave these days?
You are superb madam! (as usual)
Looking forward to your next bomb!


padma said...

Hai Madam,
We all hope the changes in the education system will happen as early as possible. once again hatsoff to you for bringing the awareness in the parents community about the education system & the gaps in the system. It is very interesting for everyone to read and to know what is happening in the present education system and u are bringing awareness in each and every one.

eurokids said...

hai seetha,
this is mindblogging!! amazed!!. you know what? we like a subject b'coz of the teacher. And many more history tchs like you will make the subject more interesting. Jokes apart. I will be glad if economics on lines with math will make learning interesting and more real time for students in their schooling days. History in the form plays, movies will be more interesting

jayaprada said...

Maa'm you are absolutely correct!
Maa'm I think you will create a History in EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM !
I don't say that they should not know Medivial history.They should know about past but not for the exams sake.As the time changes situations also changes and the problems will not be the same.As you said it is enough for the students to learn the History which happend 50 years ago.Ofcourse we remember past,Learn through Experiences,Act for future.
Thankyou for your provoking thoughts.

veda said...

hi mam,
most of the times i hear seniors saying that history is boring & hard mainly to remember the dates. but i think history is indeed very intresting & amazing.

Ashok said...

A lot of thought has gone into writing the blog and I must congratulate you for this. Obviously teaching is a way of life for you, a passion.
But I have a suggestion: please see the merit in brevity. In other words, you could have done well to break up your thesis into many posts. That could have been handled by readers more easily.
However, the blog makes many interesting points and I like the one about compulsory credit for history - in other words history examinations should not be made mandatory but you would get credits for studying it.
Some of your points appear trash: why should be study Napolean ? Because the French are not studying about Chandragupta Maurya. We have great diplomats in the country, so why look at Bismark. Please let me know the name of a great Indian diplomat ? Are you talking about S M Krishna ?
Please remember that in the age that Napolean and bismark lived, Europe dominated the world , so we read about them. As they say doctor heal thyself, I say teacher learn yourself first... But your blogs are good .. keep it up lady!!!


dear mr ashok
thanks for your comments.i would like to add..
Mr SM Krishna was the last person on my mind.Since you asked I would like to refer to Mr VK Krishna Menon who with his diplomacy ensured that Raja Hari Singh signed up to be with the Indian Union. I take deep pleasure in quoting all these stories to my students.
And just like a doctor has to keep upgrading his knowledge and skills, educators like us(the team@silver oaks) keep ugrading our skills and sharing our newly acquired knowledge all the time. Believe me...we thrive on learning and teaching.

sreedeep said...

ur ideas are marvellous as usual
you are exactly correct.

Anonymous said...

mam it was very interesting and enlighting.
varun xb
srujan x a
hemanth x A

x th graders said...

education is not a burden it is fun learning process u made us understand that...hats off to you mam...we feel that education should be made a national system to see it in a big picture..we keep our fingers crossed to make everybody realize dat..
aishwarya,raeesah and sravani

VARUN said...

I really like the new system the board will adopt hoping every thing will be ok.


lekha,xs indraja said...

ma-am ur article is fabulous ur really aspired of this qoutation "make history a heriditory subject - mandatory but not a 3 hrs examination".

satya said...



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Sruthi and Mayura said...

This article was thought provoking.If these changes really do happen tommorow's citizens would really be more effective and our country would reach great heights.

akhilnag siddhartX C said...

actually my opinion is also the same.But i think this will not succeed because of strong opposition from the teachers of state syllabus.but we have an advantage if we make common syllabus because there will be no differentiation between the students

krish said...

we truly agree wid d blog that state schools must follow the CBSE curriculum... and also there should be a uniform board throughout the country so that all the students will experience the same competetion... it is true to face challenges at any age, but SSC portion is a burden and too high for few people... so the national curriculum should be followed in the state too....!!!

Vamshi Krishna

sri laxmi and manisha said...


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suhitha &dhruthi said...

Everything is very good but I din't like the way u described the state teachers.Other than that everything is very insformative and intresting.



manorama, udaya sree, neeharika, durga. said...

Whenever my mother talks about her school days she says the same things too. Its not the names, years and dates which are important but the reasoning and values behind. Wonderful!

satya said...

It is very interesting and it is very knoledgeable . I think change is needed in the curriculum .IT MAY BE DIFFICULT BUT CHANGE IS NEEDED.

sushmitha,vamshi said...

it was thought provoking.our indian curriculum needs a change, especially subjects like social and english which you have emphasized upon.

sesha sai, aneesha, sravani, rishitha- 10 B said...

well even we agree with your view. what we feel is we learn more about dates and other unimportant things rather than the current affairs or the way india is developing in political, social and cultural realm. we actually doubt if the lesson regarding forests society and colonalism is of any use. why do we have to read about the state of forests in 16th or 17th centuries when we should be conserving the forests!

KEERTHI S/M KAshyap said...

Ma'am this article about education systems {especially history}is very have revealed everything that the ssc schools are excatly doing.

sonal said...

it is a post which is very much needed for our generation, on how the framers r making our syllabus including all the topics in it.....
this change is seriously gonna help the present n future generations...
this lit up a spark in our minds about national curriculum

Sonal, X A
Vishnu Priya ,X B
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LAYA,VAU said...

Respected ma'am you've analysed the topic to a great extent.Our Perceptions have matched with your's.Your ideas and your suggestions are good and inspiring too.As you have mentioned Diplomacy is very much required for everyone starting from this age on.We think that these changes are POSSIBLE only if the government tries to realize what all it's implementing and putting into practise.We ought to realize what we are learning and gaining. Also there's a necessity to imbibe all that is necessary.


vinitha ,varshitha said...

Dear mam,
The article which you wrote
i.e. about The national curriculum in the state is thought provoking,impressive.The topics which you wrote in your blog are facts and analysing.We request you to publish all these articles in news paper editions.

Thank u mam

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Akhil Varma,K Sai Siddharth said...

Your approach and ideas towards the national curriculum is impressive.i like social studies but i even thought why should i read it?Are SSC textbooks are like dinosaurs ma'am? I don't think so as in the near future,mathematics is important for facing toughest challenges.The curriculum introduced by the board in the year 2009 is not right in our opinion because it should focus both on studies and co-curricular activities.

Anonymous said...

ma'am what u have suggested us was something to think about but then it has still has an other side to think about.
we in school learn things out of curiousity but schools which follow rote learing will not ask them to learn "something" that we in our school think is valuable.
this article is thought provoking.

apoorva & kalyani said...

dear ma'am,
we have finally found a professional teacher teaching social studies in a rationalistic way.... we have finally realised that we need not just memorise the years and dates in history.. the subject is rather all about learning from the past to build the present..kudos to ur sceptic expatiation.. we're sure that other social studies teachers would also build upon their opinions on the topic..

Tarun X-C said...

A counrty is called united, if the way of studying is common in all the in our country if we have a good & united system .also astudent should not only be checked in the academics he must all be tested even in the attitudes . Obama said that Indian educationm system is one of the best system in the world . So to make it more advance we should improve it. Our country is also following many systems of USA as the students of USA are not disciplined may students may also follow it .So if our edu.system is improved by checking the students it would make our indian students more advanced and disciplined. This is Tarun (Alexander).

alekhya said...

very inspireing speech

mrudhula said...

it is very nice maam and one person can get good information reading this blog

meenakshi said...

Dear ma'am,

Your perspective is correct. You proved the saying which Gandhiji said - "You be the change you want in the world".

Meenakshi and Tejitha

Manasa said...

The blog is the most interesting one I have ever read.You are right about the muging up of dates,names of people and more.Why don't people remember "Jhashi ki Rani' but remember Chatrine the great.The ideas were provoking and it was like a mirror.Way to go!

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savanth said...

The most easy and good method is CBSE and it is popular.

v.supraja said...

I understood about the economics and socialsciences that have been thought in school.I read that you taught English and socialsciences in some parts of the country for 15 years and have been teaching in AP for last 5 years.


sameera&mrunalini said...

it was realy interesting, it is a good idea teaching social science.
your sugeestions were realy very good
from sameera& mrunalini

sarvani said...

we found it very interesting.It is very nice.