Wednesday, June 17, 2009

parents...plz ponder !

When I returned to AP in 2004, after almost 20 years of being away from my home state I was surprised to see the change in the definition of schools and colleges.
Schools and colleges are in my opinion, centres for learning. To learn and understand what is age appropriate!
God has given us all physical age to mostly match with the mental age. There are exceptions where this matching works differently by birth or due to environment. But with intent...? How else do I understand the schooling patterns in our state?

IIT coaching from class VI ! How ridiculous to think of it also!

What a child has to learn at the age of 10, he can probably learn a little more than that but not what a 15 yr old or a 16 yr old should learn, Right? And in case we push them into learning it all at the same time, what we are doing is ‘front loading’ and not developing knowledge, skills or concept of math or science.

How can a child who is learning the basics of math be trained into solving sums from arithmetic progressions or algebra? How can he simultaneously learn the basics and advanced math at the same time?

It is like asking a child to learn alphabets and paragraph writing at the same time? What kind of false beliefs are we driving into the schooling system, and for what?

I was concerned to see schools running like factories...8AM to 8PM. On enquiring, I found out that 2 to 3 hrs are spent in ‘insignificant subjects’ like Social studies, English and Hindi or Telugu and the rest of the day is spent in learning and mugging up math and science.

Mugging up math? Appalling to even think about it! You can mug up math if you are sure of the upcoming question and its challenge. And I am sure that math is an application based skill and not a repetitive pattern.

What is more disappointing is to see the half baked knowledge of parents who have no information on who makes the curriculum in the country or who prescribes the curricular priorities. They neither know what is NCERT or NCF.

All they have chosen to know is that math & sc in SSC is of better standard than CBSE. Needless to say that their information comes from ‘know it all’ neighbours, colleagues or relatives who would have a son or a daughter who is working or studying in US. Thats it, these parents need no other authentication other than the news given by the parents of that fortunate person who has been blessed with an entry into US, the land of dollar dreams.
They strongly believe that CBSE syllabus is ok till 5th or 6th but to enter into competitive arena, SSC is the only answer.

I worked in CBSE schools across the country for many years but this kind of myth that has been spread in our state about CBSE syllabus particularly in math is absolutely false.
That CBSE math is of lower standard compared to SSC is a myth that has been created (deliberately?) by vested interests or ignorance.
CBSE is supported by NCERT (National Council for Educational Research & Training) in upgrading its syllabus almost every 2 years. National curriculum Front reviews every year on the curriculum needs for Class 1 to 12.
SSC gets it inputs from SCERT (State Council).

Why would NCERT develop a curriculum which is of lower standard compared to one of the state’s syllabus? I wonder if anyone ever thought of it?
When I started digging into it further, I saw how the vested or ignorant groups have used or misused certain facts saying that there are some topics in math which are not taught in SSC but not in CBSE. May be not in 10th but all the learning objectives are covered in a 12 years of learning program.

Certain topics are covered in 11th and 12th classes because they are considered as deeper concepts of math which should be learnt by those students who choose to take math n science in +2 level. The same is covered superficially in 10th SSC math or Sc and it is interpreted as ‘not taught in CBSE’.

NCERT & CBSE have planned the teaching/learning objectives of math & Science in a graded way that by the time a student completes class 12, he/she is ready for competitive exams with sufficient knowledge.

After all a student can write the IIT or EAMCET or IIIT after 12th, certainly not after 6th or 10th !!!

Also the question papers for IIT or other national level entrance exams are not prepared by SSC or Intermediate board!

Is SSC syllabus the only way to merit in the entrance exams? Then how do students studying in other states pass them?

I hope no one is innocent enough to think that only students studying in AP are entering the thresholds of IITs!

The so called bridge course that one talks about is another falsehood. 95% of the students who clear IIT entrance exams from our state are those who have CBSE background.

Yes, EAMCET is a local entrance exam for local colleges in our state which will ask questions from local syllabus.

But the mis-belief spread all over the state is that CBSE math is of lower standard so that no one chooses anything else other than these factories which are so called schools and colleges.

Yes, there are not too many CBSE schools that offer + 1 & +2 program in our state. But that too I think is because of the sheep mentality of our people. Everybody says intermediate college with integrated coaching is better, all the sheep are ready to follow. In this blind following, I have seen many educated and well travelled adults also getting carried away with peer influence and make just the wrong choice for their beloved children.
I see colleges which are like concentration camps with thousands of assembly line products being subjected to same type of conditioning. Parents are happy that they don’t have to control their teenage children. The college is like a day care centre or prison camp where quantity time is important, quality? Questionable!

Episode Punch:
What surprises me more is the belief of parents that they know more about the educational system than the educators who are running institutions. They are ready to believe the neighbours in the ‘staircase chats or parking area chats’ than those who run schools who get first hand information from the Boards.

I am sure these Boards do not communicate directly to parents except that they publish everything on their websites...which of course I don’t expect many parents to be checking up because they have the ‘Casper, the friendly neighbor’ who devilishly gives all the wrong info!


srinivasa rao kondamuri said...

I Fully agree with you madam. Personally I came across many such misguided and innocent parents who are vacillating between CBSE and SSC. CBSE syllabus is the best for Maths and Sciences as it covers the concepts very well and students can have strong foundation to carry the heavy loads of subject in future( 10+1, 10+2 levels). It will be great if a workshop for parents is organised for clarifying their doubts. One of the major concerns for parents could be lack of continuity for CBSE Students after 10th standard. Not many schools/colleges in Hyderabad are offering CBSE syllabus in 10+1 and 10+2 .

Kumar said...

hi mam this is kumar here. i too convinvse with the Article and i too found the misconsuptjion in this matter. As i talked to the teachers of A.P. What are these coaching centres and whats the use in this in this early age? The teachers said we are in the institutions so we have to do. Because the institutions want to famous. The institutions are trying to do show ups not others.So the institutions like you should take these as challesngss and guides the plarents of our shcool and tell them to educate the others. thank you and expecting these kinds of things. Kumar.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally what ever is written. only problem is even after the 10th - CBSE, again parents have to go for these factories as there are not many schools in hyderabad which are offering CBSE syllabus in 10+1 and 10+2. I would like to know the limitaions that are stopping schools like you not to continue with CBSE in 10+1 and 10+2. we will be glad to continue our children in the same school if they have the continuity.

Rama and Vasu Rao said...

Hello all - Not only does the IIT coaching at an early age put unecessary burdens on a child, it also hinders the child from gaining access to his or her inherent abilitites and strenghts. In India this is what we know as our Dharma and what Covey calls the inside-out and the principal centered approach. Our surroundings give us an opportunity to explore our creativity and it would be a pity to snub it before the blossiming of a personality. Today as compared to earlier times we have a greater choice of professions that better match a human beings inner calling. And Silver Oaks provides an opportunity to explore oneself.
We appreciate Ms. Murthy's global approach that prepares the child not only to face exams, but also to face the world.
Rama and Vasudeva Rao

ratna said...

First of all congratulations
I totally agree with u. In all my yrs of experience, I have observed that a CBSE student's approach to an application based question is better than that of an SSC student.
I wonder how parents send their wards to these 7 to 7 factories, where there are many other things to be learnt by the child at that age.
I am very happy to be working with u and ontribute my share to bring the change.

Anonymous said...

I like your way of writing. I must say that I will not like to be a sheep but a responsible parent.thanks.nalini dev

Anonymous said...

Information about syllabus and curriculum, who makes it and who decides it. I did not ever think about all this till now.there is something called NCF or NCERT and that lot of research is involved in writing the syllabus, i discovered after reading yiur article.I hope you will conduct a workshop for parents.

Anonymous said...

great going. its slowly warming up seetha..your blog. you have chosen a sensitive topic which i am sure you have deleiberately chosen. I know how you distastefully talk about these factories. I am glad you are able to express your views boldly. trust me, not many principals have this mettle. looking forward for more.
Dr Bhanomita Datta

Anonymous said...

I as a parent must have approached you atleast ten times in the last 2 years and i am waiting for a promise from you that you will start 11th and 12th classes. i would not like to take my daughters out of your school. I want them to learn the best from what you have made the shcool to be.
I am sure you will not disappoint me.


Anonymous said...

I as a parent must have approached you atleast ten times in the last 2 years and i am waiting for a promise from you that you will start 11th and 12th classes. i would not like to take my daughters out of your school. I want them to learn the best from what you have made the shcool to be.
I am sure you will not disappoint me.


Anonymous said...

how will children learn if we dont make them practice? practice makes a man perfect. regular and long practices are the only ways to pass in the competitive exams.Personality development is secondary, monetary sucess is also important. if we have money, we can also get a personality.
I like your article but i have doubts on the sucess rate of children if they dont sit for long hours.What do you say?

Atula said...

grt you. looking forward for more

Kailash Agarwal said...

For the last 5 years I am working in in AP. I watch my colleagues and friends talk only about their children's marks and how long they sit in the school. I find it funny that they are happy that their children dont have any time for play or relaxation. All they want from children is results. I dont see them enjoying their children's company.
I am glad a I am not a parent like that. when i came here i also wanted to join my son in one of these 'factories' as you call them. Thankgod, I did not. today my son is sucesfully doing his bachelors in jornalism and he has already conducted many TV shows and he is a small star in our neighborhood.I enjoy watching his confidence and joy with his studies. I dont see that in my neighbor's son who goes to one of these factories.I am glad i took a right decision for my son.
hope the parent will read your srticle and take a right choice for their children.

Kiran kumar said...

the wave of competition exams is begining to reduce. parents are becoming aware that there are more options tha just one or two.hype has been created by corporate schools and colleges. now its the importance for holistic education. I agree with your opinions .

Prabhakar said...

I am happy to see a nice debate like this.I will also agree with you. By the time students complete 12th grade both CBSE&SSC students get equal knowledge but their thinking skills are different to solve a problem.CBSE students have good analytical skills especially for word problems and geometry concepts,but those who are joining in Intermediate from CBSE stream need some extra guidance intially for few chapters like SETS,RELATIONS,FUNCTIONS,MATRICES, LOGARITHMS etc.Since there are no sufficient number of +1,+2 schools in A.P.,CBSE students are forced to join state Intermediate.

Ravi Prasad said...

I personally feel that the syllabus covered in SSC Matrices,Sets,Relations,Progressions (Geometric and Harmonic Progressions) is of the very basic level. It just gives familiarity with the concept. In State Intermediate all these concepts are undoubtedly of a little higher level. CBSE students have better analytical skills as they get few questions from text book for their class X board mathematics exam. Their brains are trained to think more.
Parents, of course are influenced by many people who are not really educators. Another reason for the parents to get influenced like this is there are not many CBSE +1, +2 schools in A.P.

jayaprada said...

congratulations mam!iam very happy to have an opportunity to share my ideas n views through ur blog. imay agree with ur opinion but...
when compared to CBSE, more or less i find analyticical skill in SSC too.But in my opinion approach towards teaching in SSC should be changed. Here teachers are forced to focus on mechanical teaching methods rather than technical values because for most of the people here marks/percentage is very much important for their career.Finally product would be mechanical but not technical.How ever what ever the syllabus we follow as a teacher i insist on innovative teaching methods through which a child get overall development.
so i recognized that the change is needed.

Anonymous said...

Maam Dulipesarugaa!
Wonderful maam.. the parents should be able take right decisons atleast now...

I again say the same..
Minds working like factories will start thinking....
People working like sheep will start making their own decisions...
A new culture... A set of thinking minds ... and a A new colourful world is ahead.....

abighna said...

Hi maam .nice to see u again taking up a challenge of preeching people about the 7 habits.i agree with you maam cuz people in our state feel the same.we will hope that atleast know people who have negative impression on cbse board shall have a positive one . i agree with u cuz i studied in both cbse and ssc syllabus.ALL THE BEST MAAM.we will make the difference.

D.ANURADHA said...

Being a student of C.B.S.E Schooland teaching to C.B.S.E s tudents I Totally agree with your views.Its GREAT that you took the initiative to spread awareness among everyone.

UMA.P said...

Hi mam. I saw your artical. I feel very happy. I impressed with your views & thoughts. I also like I.B.methodology which we implemented in our school.It is a great opportunity to our students.I am unlucky because this system was not there when my daughter studied in the school.I glad to see our students confidence level. Thank you .

Himabindu D. said...

Hello ma'am.Once again you have proved yourself to be a great leader and follower of the 7 habits.I can definetly say u are really a proactive person.

I really enjoyed the way you brought up those points on CBSE , SSC and math and science.If a lot of people go through this, I am sure this state will be a great one. Parents will definetly ponder on this ma'am and maybe students too.

Everyone out there I would like to tell you something. If anyone in the world can make a diffference its definitly US. WE NEED TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!!

revathi said...

i have been greatly influenced by ur blog ma' i am able to answer those who feel cbse is of a low standard. i will grow more responsible and carry ur ideas forward...thank you ma'm for posting ur valuable comments.i am sure we as acorns will reach greater heights by following the 7 habits.

Sai Krishna (8 B) said...

Congratulations maam.You have made an interesting blog.
I agree with your blog. It is true, everyone is misunderstanding the meaning of schooling.They want their students to be school first or state first. But no one thinks of being a good citizen.
Your true maam IIT in 6th class is rediculous. It just a burde in thier minds but not a interest in them.
Secondly, is that CBSE in math is weaker than SSC. It is just a plain myth. SSC is just a burden. CBSE is a intersting syllabus and makes us like it and not mugging it up.
Thank You.

Nirmala said...

Hi Ma'm,
I went through the article. True it raises many thoughts in the minds of parents who have fixed their mind on only one mode of getting their young ones taught in schools. My experience in past as a Lecturer tells that parents only concentrate on one thing i.e. how to get their son/daughter a seat in Medicine/Engineering/IIT. Nobody considers getting their child taught in a way the subjects that they have learnt help them to face the society in future.End of the day parent checks the progress of his child on the marks what he/she secured overall than what is the knowleadge that he acquired during this period. Hope this article awakens the parents and make them look into the educational system in a new light and new approach in learning.

venugopal said...

Hello Madam,
Very interesting topic and thanks for educating us(also).
Guidance from educationists like you can relieve unnecessary burden on many children.
I suggest to express your ideas thru other media also like Television & Newspapers.

Seetha Murty said...

As an educator I consider it my important duty to inform and educate about the new systems and new avenues.Parents may not be getting firsthand information regarding the curriculum and priorities, therefore I feel its my responsibility to share what I come to know through boards or Institutions across the world.I am glad that so many people responded to this post and I shall continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

You have chosen the important topic of breaking the circle of confusion the parents and students face.

The fact many students and parents forget is that it is not important which coaching class or school you are but how committed the student is to his goal and what actions are planned and implemented.

I know few students who got admitted in most reputed coaching centres and finally never entered IIT. During conversation, it came out that the understanding of the parents, students was mostly based on the advertisement and conclusion was that once we get admitted to class we will clear the entrance exam.

Just because somebody else passed the entrance from the class / institute do not guarantee that you will also get admission.

It is the committment to the goal and persuation of the action plan to achieve it.

When facing the world as a young adult there is no demarkation like CBSE or State Board educated. The demarkation is the your approach to the world and the positive attitude carry around.


yohith said...

I completely agree wid u ma'am.
I saw many parents shifting their children frm CBSE schools to SSC school b'coz of peer pressure and false info on CBSE schools from their neighbors.

Many people asked me is CBSE math easier dan SSC math i never answered to these questions.this write up may be an eye opener for those who think like this.

This post reminds me of two schools(let me not take out their names)who over burdens their students than their capability.I see those school buses drooping them at 8:00pm.It may be b'coz of their xtra classes or IIT classes.this is truly an eye opener.

Ma'm my only request is to start
11th and 12th grades in our school too.

kavya said...

I m born lucky! b'coz i hav one in a million mam like you.........
i feel proud of u.........
though i m in ssc,i feel both are of same...but most probably i feel like i shuld change into CBSE standard..[b'coz of high standards it shows]...i agree wit u mam , n so my sister is now studying in CBSE standard[silver oaks] ...OF ALL I FEEL GREAT THAT WE ARE STUDYING IN SCHOOL "WHERE THE MIND IS WITHOUT FEAR & HEAD IS HELD HIGH"[IT MAY BE SSC OR CBSE...]
Ur most pondering acorn,
kavya[student coordinator].

sruthi#pepsi said...




lavanya said...

hi mam,this is lavanya,a sixth grader and i frankly say that i am very lucky to have parents who choose the best school in the city,
as a sixth grader i hate taking IIT training,i do agree with what you have written in ur article mam.
i just think that being a leader is
to lead others ,but, after u have nominated me as a nominee for jr.wing representative what a leader is and u are a great inspiration for me mam.
,lavanya 6f

lavanya said...

hi mam,this is lavanya,a sixth grader and i frankly say that i am very lucky to have parents who choose the best school in the city,
as a sixth grader i hate taking IIT training,i do agree with what you have written in ur article mam.
i just think that being a leader is
to lead others ,but, after u have nominated me as a nominee for jr.wing representative what a leader is and u are a great inspiration for me mam.
,lavanya 6f

sai said...

hai mam!we all are an 5 excellent boys from 6f.we fully agree with you about your articles.all your articles give some meaning.we really liked all your articles.mam,you are a motivation to us.
posted by ajay,manikanta,dinesh,rohit,asrith

sai said...

hai mam!we all are an 5 excellent boys from 6f.we fully agree with you about your articles.all your articles give some meaning.we really liked all your articles.mam,you are a motivation to us.
posted by ajay,manikanta,dinesh,rohit,asrith

sunny said...